The club was established in 2005 in North Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to promote all types of archery and make it easily accessible to anyone. 

Club Location 

We are a small club based out of Brockton School in Lynn Valley. We operate on a "pop up" basis, setting up and taking down our range equipment every time we practice. 

Annual Membership Fees

BC Archery Association (BCAA) membership is mandatory for insurance purposes and should be taken out directly with BCAA by clicking here

Our current membership fees are: 

*  Maximum of two adults and unlimited juniors in the same household.

Range Fees

A range fee is paid every time you attend a club session. Our current range fees are: 

Beginner Lessons

We do not have any beginner lessons scheduled at this time. 


For more information about our club please email info@northshorearchers.org

Return to Play Plan

Our Return to Play Plan can be viewed here